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EPQ Level 3 success

Sixth Form students at St Benedict’s have received excellent results for their Extended Project Qualifications, with six students awarded A*s and 68% of the cohort gaining A*/A.

St Benedict's sixth form students excel at EPQ

Sixth Form students at St Benedict’s have received excellent results for their Extended Project Qualifications. Six students have been awarded A*s, including Finlay Healy, whose research into the rise of populism received full marks. 68% of this year’s cohort have gained A*/A.

The EPQ Level 3 allows students to research a subject of their choice and is the equivalent of half an A level. The qualification requires a written report of around 5,000 words and a presentation. Students are supported in their research by a designated EPQ supervisor and the emphasis is on each individual student’s research journey rather than the outcome. The skills acquired through the qualification – such as academic independence, time management and organisation - are highly regarded by universities.  

The EPQ Level 2 qualification is now an option for pupils in Year 9: it is the equivalent of half a GCSE, and pupils must write a 2,000-word evaluative report, a log book of their research process and present their finished projects to an audience.

St Benedict's sixth form students excel in EPQ
Finlay Healy, on The Rise of Populism

Some of this year’s EPQ Level 3 titles

Rachel Hughes (A*): In which World War did women's contribution on the British Home Front have a greater immediate effect on their post-war employment?

Evan Hobson (A*): What was the influence of Native American people and language on American culture from 1620 to present, with particular focus on the Abenaki nation?

Ted Traeger (A*): Arming the Police: could arming all English and Welsh police forces benefit the ‘threat levels’ in these areas?

Chris Moran (A*): To what extent has success in English football been measured by financial prosperity since 1992?

Anthony Freire (A*): AI: What will the extent of the impact of AI-enabled technologies be on innovation, creativity and the rate of development within industry?

Finlay Healy (A*)  The reasons behind the rise of national populism in Italian and French politics since the recession of 2008; the extent to which this has shifted the Overton Window

Louis Rees (A): Does Cryptocurrency have a short or a long-term future?

Kristian Thomson (A): To what extent was the government’s explanation of the Skripal poisoning in March 2018 credible?

Jack Edis (A): What was music to the Ancient Greeks?

Ella Marron (A): To what extent did Christmas television adverts in 2017 and 2018 contribute to the sales revenue and profitability of high street retailers in a case study of John Lewis, Sainsbury's, House of Fraser and M&S?

 Alec Kerr (A): To what extent has sufficient player welfare and financial stability been provided to Championship Rugby players in the years 2009 - 2019?






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