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Middle School Shakespeare Production

The St Benedict's Middle School Production was an impressive double bill, cleverly distilling Romeo and Juliet and Macbeth into a fast-paced hour of Shakespearean tragedy.

St Benedict's Drama Shakespeare Production

The Montagues and Capulets - two feuding houses in a modern-day school – seethed around Romeo (Callum C) and Juliet (Lucie R), while the school nurse (Alice M) and priest (William B) conspired to help them conceal their love from a fiercely disapproving housemistress (the Prince - Caitlin M).

St Benedict's Drama Shakespeare Production

Macbeth (Toby D) followed his treacherous path of ambition, betrayal and paranoia, fervently encouraged by Lady Macbeth (Eleanor B). Sinister witches (Martha H, Holly D, Lucy B and Mary-Li M) hissed their cryptic prophecies through the gloom of the atmospheric set.

St Benedict's Drama Shakespeare Production

The talented cast worked well together with energy and skill, exploiting both plays’ dramatic power to the full. We look forward to their future performances!


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