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St Benedict's Sixth Form students taking MOOCs (Massive Open Online Courses) gave presentations about their studies to an audience of parents, staff and friends this term.

St Benedicts MOOCs

St Benedict’s Sixth Form students have the option to take MOOCs alongside their A Levels, so that they can extend their knowledge and add a new dimension to their learning. Thousands of MOOCs are offered by universities from all around the world, covering a vast range of subjects.

St Benedicts MOOCs

MOOCs are readily accessible and enable people to develop their education, knowledge and skills. The extra dimension they add to Sixth Form education is particularly beneficial; courses can enhance and extend A level study, or allow students to do something new, such as learning a language.

St Benedicts MOOCs

MOOCs can also help students to achieve a specific goal: future medics might choose to explore Medical Ethics, for example.

Courses normally last around 4 -8 weeks and require about 1-2 hours of work per week. Students are encouraged to complete at least one MOOC. They attend two group sessions each half term to check progress and develop skills, including:

  • Choosing the best MOOC
  • How to create an effective online video
  • How to create an effective presentation

St Benedicts MOOCs


Laurene P: Raising China and Africa’s Development: Oil

St Benedicts MOOCs

Tom M: The Business of Football

Destiny A: Animal Behaviour and Welfare

Alex L: Getting Ready for University

Erin R: Crime and Criminology

Louis B: Studying Mammals: Life in the Trees

Sophie T: Biofuels

Emma H: Identifying Early Signs of Psychosis in Young Adults

Luca F: Film Distribution: Connecting Films with Audiences

Laura W: Health Across the Gender Spectrum

Daniel S: Staying Focused in a Complicated World

Rosaleen O: The Psychology of Memory Through Movies

Arhat T: Philosophy and Critical Thinking: Moral and Political Philosophy

Ben R: The Evolving Universe

Luke A: Proteins: A Biological Workforce

Charlie S: Sales in Sport Business

Connor F: AstroTech: The Science and Technology behind Astronomical Discovery            

Harry L: Exploring the Psychological aspects of Sports Injury         

Gracie M: Identifying Early signs of Psychosis in Young Adults       

Sebastian N: Motivation 

Natalia M: Ecology and Wildlife Conservation    

Neel K: Marketing  

St Benedicts MOOCs


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