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Extended Project Qualification Presentations

St Benedict's Sixth Form students presented their Extended Project Qualification research this week, to an audience of parents, friends and teachers. Subjects ranged from the rise of cults to the Ottoman Empire.

St Benedict's EPQ presentations

Many students in the Lower Sixth opt to do the EPQ Level 3, which allows them to research a subject of their choice. They write a report of around 5,000 words, or create a composition or artefact backed up with paperwork.

St Benedict's EPQ presentations

St Benedict's head of EPQ, Mr Wijnberg, said: “In an impressive display of academic prowess, students showcased their exceptional research skills through their thought-provoking Extended Project Qualification (EPQ) presentations. With meticulous attention to detail and a thirst for knowledge, each one delved deep into their chosen topics, leaving no stone unturned. Their well-researched presentations not only demonstrated a comprehensive understanding of their subjects but also highlighted their ability to critically analyse and present information effectively. Congratulations to all of them.”

St Benedict's EPQ presentations

The EPQ is the equivalent to half an A Level and is highly regarded by universities for the following reasons: it improves students' research and critical thinking skills, time management and organisation, as well as cultivating independent learning and self-motivation, communication and presentation skills.

St Benedict's EPQ presentations

EPQ Lower Sixth cohort 2022/23

Project titles

To what extent did the outbreak of the coronavirus pandemic and subsequent government travel restrictions affect the UK Commercial Airline Industry, and what does its recovery look like? Charlie A

What are the main factors in Iranian society that are preventing women from gaining more equality? Christine R

To what extent did Lance Armstrong destroy the reputation of professional cycling, and since this scandal how has the sport recovered? Danny P

To build a lighting fixture and evaluate the development of light in interior design. Emma C

To what extent is the Evergrande scandal an issue to the Chinese housing market now and in the future? Freddie W

St Benedict's EPQ presentations

To what extent is the coach athlete relationship integral to success within sport? James L

St Benedict's EPQ presentations

How has being an island nation affected Japan? Kai H

To what extent has criminal insanity in women's convictions and how women were silenced through psychiatry changed from the 1800s to the present day in the United States? Kyra N

How effective are the psychological tricks that cults use to attract, manipulate, and keep their members? Tessa S

Was trade the most important factor contributing to the success of the Ottoman Empire? Zac G

St Benedict's EPQ presentations


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