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St Benedict's Lecture Series: Climate Change

David Saddington, leading climate change expert and international speaker, gave an inspiring and informative talk on the subject of Climate Change on Tuesday, March 22nd.

David Saddington Climate change expert
David Saddington, in discussion with Rosaleen and Henry (and Joshan)

The latest event in the St Benedict's Lecture Series was a talk given by David Saddington, leading climate change expert and international speaker. He gave us an informative overview of what it is, why it's very different from previous climate shifts, what we can all do about it and how critical the next decade will be for action.

Henry R (L6/Year 12), a member of the St Benedict's Ecocentric Committee, reviews the talk.

On Tuesday evening St Benedict’s was lucky enough to host climate change activist and enviropreneur, David Saddington. Mr Saddington gave an engaging talk informing us of the history of the earth’s climate which he then linked to the world we live in today. He emphasised the importance of saving the planet and made his audience, and the school aware of the steps we must take to be as eco-friendly as possible. This is something the school is striving towards, with new recycling strategies, energy saving tips and encouraging sustainable transport. One of the most important steps Mr Saddington advised us to take is to cut down on our meat consumption. This is something the school is attempting with our ‘meat-free Mondays’.

As aspiring climate activists, three of us ( Joshan M, Rosaleen O and myself) had the opportunity to chair a discussion with Mr Saddington after his talk. We asked questions about what we can do as individuals and as a school to help our environment; and, about Mr Saddington’s involvement in the Paris Agreement in 2015 as well as COP 26. With our school striving towards a more eco-friendly ethos, Mr Saddington helped to encourage us to make small changes to our school life to reduce our carbon footprint.