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St Benedict's Science Fair 2018

Lower 4th scientists presented their fascinating projects at the annual St Benedict’s Science Fair, held in British Science Week.

St Benedict's School Science Fair
How much weight can an egg hold?

St Benedict’s pupils have been working on their projects in biology, chemistry and physics lessons over several weeks, devising and conducting experiments, and carefully recording their results and conclusions. They all enthusiastically explained their methods and findings, and offered some hands-on participation, to 340 children from local primary schools. Everyone discovered interesting facts and found out about things such as How do muscles move bones? Are fingerprint patterns inherited? Does music affect your concentration? How much weight can an egg support?  and  Do video games affect your reaction time and cognitive ability?

St Benedict's School Science Fair
The power of soap

St Benedict’s Form 3 (Year 7) also attended the Science Fair, making notes for next year when it will be their turn to present their scientific research.


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