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Studying abroad – how and why to apply to USA, Canada and Europe

Representatives from North American and European universities, experts in the application process and students who have chosen to study beyond the UK gave presentations at the St Benedict's Careers Department’s latest university information event.

St Benedict's Overseas Universities Information evening

St Benedict's held an information evening on Monday 8th October to give an overview of studying at universities beyond the UK - in the USA, Canada and Europe. The evening, which was attended by many students and their parents from St Benedict’s, Sacred Heart High School Hammersmith, Cardinal Wiseman and St Augustine’s, offered a valuable opportunity to find out about the advantages and the application process. Students also gained an insight into the courses on offer, and how studying abroad differs from studying in a UK university. Presentations were given by a range of external experts, as well as former St Benedict’s students who have been offered places at universities beyond the UK.

St Benedict's Overseas Universities Information evening
University of Guelph, Canada

After an introduction and welcome from the Headmaster and Mrs Norris from the Careers Department, a series of informative and engaging presentations were given. David Hawkins from Syzygy Global Education gave an overview of international applications, outlining  when and why applying outside the UK makes sense, and how students can find the best institution for them.

St Benedict's Overseas Universities Information evening
Eden Comins, who will read Political Science at the University of Leiden 

This was followed by an introduction to the Dutch University of Leiden from St Benedict's alumna Eden Comins, who will take up her place to read Political Science in Leiden next year.

St Benedict's Overseas Universities Information evening
Simon Lewis from UES

Simon Lewis from UES gave a presentation on US college applications, covering all aspects of the American university application process, from SAT and ACT, to college essays.

Simon Lewis from UES
Bridget Keating from the University of Notre Dame, Indiana

We were also delighted to have two representatives from North American universities: Bridget Keating, from the University of Notre Dame, USA, and Shiva Vaghei, from the University of Guelph, near Toronto, Ontario.

After the presentations, students and parents had the opportunity to meet and engage with the speakers to find out more, and to meet representatives from Spain’s IE University; HZ University of Applied Sciences in Vlissingen, in the Netherlands; Ethos Recruiting, which specialises in sports scholarships in US universities, and Burnett Global Education, which focuses on international hospitality education and courses.

Simon Lewis from UES

This year, 4% of St Benedict’s students took up places in overseas universities, at Guelph (to read Business), Leiden (to read Political Science), Amsterdam (to read Psychology), and the US universities of Waterloo and Drexel (to study Business and Economics respectively).

St Benedict's Overseas Universities Information Evening
IE University, Spain (campuses in Segovia, Castile, León and Madrid)

The whole evening was a fantastic opportunity for students to explore what the rest of the world has to offer, and to consider the many other options open to them.




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