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Magical Molveno

There have been two St Benedict’s trips to Italy this year, at Easter for the Upper Fourth and at Trinity half-term for the Lower Fourth.

St Benedict's Molveno trip 2023
The Lower Fourth group​​​​​​

This ever- popular St Benedict's trip is now in its 36th year, offering a wonderful opportunity to learn about the Italian language and culture, while building independence and friendships. Staying on the shores of Lake Molveno, at the foot of the Brenta Dolomites in Trentino, the groups visited Venice and Riva, and each day was packed with activities.

St Benedict's Molveno trip 2023
The Upper Fourth group

Senior Master Mr Thomas, said: “Molveno is now a true St Benedict's institution and a 'rite of passage' into a new level of independence and maturity. There is a tangible sense of fellowship and camaraderie, and I often hear people reminiscing about their Molveno experience in the Sixth Form and right through into their adult lives. This week never loses its magic.”

Ava, in Upper Fourth, describes her Molveno week:

We travelled by coach through Germany, Austria and Switzerland, before eventually arriving at the Hotel Du Lac in Molveno.

After some delicious pasta for lunch we went on a short hike up a nearby mountain and explored areas near the waterfall, gaining a lovely view of the lake.

In the morning, it was the swimming gala. Barlow House were the overall winners. We then played rounders and capture the flag before heading back for dinner.

The next day, we went to Venice, visiting St Mark’s Square and the Basilica before being given some free time to walk around the many bridges and shops We came across some fancy shops including a mask shop where we spent time dressing up and trying them on.

On Thursday, we all went on a coach ride to Riva, which I thought was a very pretty town and I preferred it to Venice. Once we got back to the hotel, we had lunch and made our way to the sports hall for the basketball tournament. We were split into groups again and played for over an hour.

I found the experience of visiting Molveno one that I thoroughly enjoyed. I enjoyed viewing the amazing natural beauty of Molveno and experiencing the culture of a different country. I am also very happy because I made new friends on this trip.

Henry (L4)

On Friday, we travelled to the next village in order to get up to the top of the mountain. It was cold and foggy at the top which helped produce some great photos. After lunch, the football team headed off for their last practice, while everyone else played music bingo in the bar. We then headed up to the football pitch to support the team in their match against the other Italian team. The overall score was 2-0 to St Benedict’s. We were then given some free time before dinner and awards were handed out afterwards. I received an award because my team won the village quiz, and for cheerfulness and cooperation during the trip. Once all of this was over, we had evening prayers and headed up to bed.

One of my favourite parts of the holiday was the incredible food the hotel staff provided, including a range of pasta, meat and fish. My favourite meal was on the night we all dressed up, when we had börek, pork and potatoes, and tiramisu for dessert.

I really enjoyed the trip as a whole, but some moments really stood out for me. One of the most enjoyable parts for me was when we went into Riva and walked around for a while. I loved the scenery and took loads of pictures while we were there. I also really liked the shops as they were unique compared to the UK. I also enjoyed the trip to Venice, as there were many different shops, selling masks, capes, dresses and sandals. Thank you to all the teachers who looked after us over the course of this trip and a special thanks to Ms Maynard and Ms Correia. The coach journeys were very long, but the time spent in Molveno made up for it. I would definitely go on this trip again if I had the chance and hope that next year’s group enjoy it as much as I did.

St Benedict's Molveno trip 2023
Visiting Venice (U4)
St Benedict's Molveno trip 2023
L4 in Venice

Michael (also in Upper Fourth) gives his account of 'Football Match Day'

The sixth day started with a trip up the mountain where we attended mass celebrated by Father Thomas. Then we took a whole group photo. After this we went back to the hotel where we played musical bingo, again organised by the ever-creative Miss Maynard.  After this, the squad prepared themselves for the football match....

It wasn’t until 30 minutes in that things kicked into second gear. After a slightly controversial decision not to give a penalty for a handball, St Benedict’s then managed to counter-attack and it was played wide to Daniel B who put us into a great attacking position. We then stayed there for 5 minutes until a great cross fell perfectly to the feet of Joshua S who took the chance with a wonderful finish into the bottom corner of the net.

The second half then started how the first finished, with a goal. Joshua S again, but this time smashed into the roof of the net from point-blank range! The second half was relatively uneventful apart from the goal but Victor C, our captain, was excellent throughout, with a midfield masterclass that won him man of the match.

After the match we went back to the hotel where we celebrated in style, finishing the day with an excellent dinner of pork shank and mashed potatoes.

After dinner, we had a quiz about the trip and then handed out awards, with the notable ones being man of the match to Victor C, Player of the week to Joshua S and winner of the swimming tournament to Dima D. The winners of the quiz went to Joshua S and Michael B (!) who, with a new trip record, managed full marks on the quiz. We then gave Mr Thomas a gift that everyone had chipped in for earlier in the trip and the teachers their awards, before going up to bed for the last time.

St Benedict's Molveno trip 2023
'Dress up' dinner (L4)
St Benedict's Molveno trip 2023
Basketball tournament (U4)
St Benedict's Molveno trip 2023
The football match (L4)

St Benedict's Molveno trip 2023

St Benedict's Molveno trip 2023

St Benedict's Molveno trip 2023


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