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Fun-Filled Form 3 Induction Day!

Our new Year 7 pupils are settling in well at St Benedict's, and enjoyed their Induction Day at the Surrey Outdoor Learning centre on Tuesday October 5th.

St Benedicts Year 7 Induction Day

"The Form 3 Induction trip was a great way for us to get to know each other better. We participated in team building activities, for example, solving puzzles and using our teammates to help each other navigate an obstacle course. We also took part in different challenges that were off the ground, such as, high ropes and a climbing wall. The whole day was very enjoyable and something that we would all love to do again soon. What I learnt from these activities is that you need to work as one team, encourage and help each other, and to listen to others as well as asserting your ideas."


"I thought the induction trip was extremely fun! We got to climb and work together, and it taught me skills of how to talk with peers and even involved a bit of logic. It was a great way to make friends and learn how to act in a team. I loved it!"


St Benedicts Year 7 Induction Day

"I loved the induction day. My favourite part was probably the climbing. It was the most challenging activity but I liked how we could try and race each other to the top. It also really tested our team skills by putting a blindfold on and someone else on your team telling you where to put your hands and feet. I definitely learned that teamwork is essential because we had to pull the ropes so that our teammates didn’t fall and cheer them on to help them have the courage to get to the top."


"The trip taught me how to work better as a team, trust others and to push myself."


"Induction Day was so much fun! We all got to know each other a lot better. Firstly we had to get from one wooden platform to another, going over tricky obstacles, without touching the floor. I think my group did particularly well in the ball activity where we had to put a ball on top of poles of different heights using sticks.  I learnt the importance of teamwork as this task could only be completed if everyone in the team did their very best. The tyre activity was exciting, we had to use all our brain power to move different size tyres between poles but there were lots or rules  which made it very difficult. In another activity we had to sort letters by switching positions with our teammates across wooden planks. It was quite challenging but we got there in the end. My favourite part of the trip was the colossal climbing wall which the instructor said was the height of 92 bananas. We worked together as a team to get to the top helping those people who had a fear of heights. I thought the day was a brilliant way to learn about each other, to build on our friendships. Above all it was a lot of fun!"


St Benedicts Year 7 Induction Day

"One of the challenges was to get through an obstacle course with string. We failed multiple times but the fun we had together was worth it. Then we had to do a mental challenge, where we had to match the shapes together. With a lot of trial, improvement and teamwork we completed the challenge. The challenges were very hard but soon we learned the moral of the trip - to find a way of working together."


St Benedicts Year 7 Induction Day


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