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Field Trip to beautiful Box Hill

Geography GCSE students exchanged their St Benedict's classrooms for the National Trust’s Box Hill, an Area of Outstanding Natural Beauty and summit of the North Downs in Surrey, in early May.

Box Hill trip

 Two Upper Fourth (Year 9) geographers report on the field trip’s activities and discoveries.

The Box Hill field trip was a nice day when we did some fieldwork and some surveys to help us decide how well-maintained Box Hill was by the National Trust. At first, we walked up a hill and began to do some systematic sampling. We laid out a measuring tape and placed our quadrat along it. We then examined different factors in five random squares within the quadrat, such as the number of species or the percentage of bare ground. After that, we walked along a path around Box Hill and made frequent stops at different locations. We filled out some bi-polar surveys on factors such as the level of traffic noise, the people we could see, the buildings nearby and even what we could smell. At one stop we also drew a field sketch. Overall, the Box Hill field trip was interesting and quite relaxing as you are surrounded by a beautiful scenery and lots of nature.


On Friday the 19th of May we set off for a Geography field trip. The hour and a half journey took us to Box Hill, 31 km south-east of London. 

Here, the two classes carried out many investigations such as exploring the biodiversity of this Natural Trust site as well as investigating what impact human society has had on this summit. We learnt that were a variety of plant species as well as grass species. We also saw a variety of butterfly species that were quite a sight.  

The attraction of tourist visits was quite visual as we saw many patches of dead grass where many people had not followed the specific tracks, also a variety of litter was scattered across the picnic site which could be harmful to wildlife. 

On this trip we learned of the variety of plant and animal species that live here, also we learned of the effect humans have on this particular National Trust site. Finally, most importantly we all had great fun. 


Box Hill trip

Box Hill trip


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