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Examination Results

GCSE Results 2018

Best ever GCSE results at St Benedict’s

St Benedict’s is celebrating the school’s best ever GCSE results, with 66% of pupils being awarded grades 9 to 7, the equivalent of A*-A in the new style GCSEs. This represents a 12% increase from last year’s results, and an impressive improvement of almost 20% since 2016.

Four pupils have achieved nine grade 9s, including two with 10 of the top grades, an exceptional achievement since 9 equates to a higher mark than the old A*. Eight pupils have attained 7 or more grade 9s and 11% of  St Benedict’s GCSE candidates were awarded straight 9 and 8 grades, which is equivalent to achieving a complete set of A* grades.

The Headmaster, Andrew Johnson, said: “I am extremely proud of our pupils’ achievement, and congratulate them on their huge and very well-deserved success. Our pupils, and their teachers, have worked very hard to achieve these excellent results. The new style GCSEs have been designed to be academically more demanding, and we have sought to prepare our pupils rigorously for this, by creating a culture of academic endeavour, intellectual curiosity and high expectations. Equipped with the ability to learn, research, evaluate and apply their knowledge, they are now very well prepared for advanced level study in the sixth form.”

How are the new style GCSEs different?

This is the first cohort of pupils to have taken the new style of GCSEs being awarded for the first time this year. Hailed as the most significant change in the examination system since O-levels were replaced 30 years ago, these exams are said to be “more demanding, more fulfilling and more stretching”, and were introduced by the former education secretary, Michael Gove.

Grades from 9 to 1 replace A* to G. According to Ofqual, which regulates public examinations in England, the new grade 7 starts at the same standard as the former A grade, meaning 9, 8 and 7 grades replace the old A* and A. The 9 is equivalent to the top half of A* awards, while an 8 encompasses the bottom portion of A* and the top part of an A.

Cath Jadhav, the director of standards at Ofqual, said “Grade 9 is not the same as the old A* grade. It’s a new grade designed to recognise the very best performance. So in every subject there will be fewer grade 9s awarded than A*s in the old GCSEs.” On average across the country, only 4% of candidates achieved the new grade 9 this year.


  • There is now less coursework and teacher-based assessment, with almost all of the marks awarded for performance in the final examinations taken after two years’ study.
  • Many courses now have more subject content than before, and are assessed with more demanding questions.
  • A*-G grades have been replaced by 9-1 grades.
  • Two-year courses are now standard, and have replaced modular courses.

A Level Results 2018

Sixth Form students at St Benedict’s are celebrating some outstanding A level results, which are the best the school has achieved for 5 years. 73.7% of all entries achieved A* to B, and 41.7% of entries gained A* to A – an increase of 4% from last year. Twenty-one students – a fifth of the year group - achieved straight A*s and As.

Aine McColgan has achieved 4 A*s and will read Physics at university, following a gap year with Proctor and Gamble. Parsa Sarkis gained 3 A*s and an A and will read Mathematics at Warwick; George Charlesworth gained 2 A*s and 2 As and will study Economics and Finance at Warwick; Victoria Szymanska (former Deputy Head Girl) achieved 2 A*s and 2 As and will study Medicine at St Andrew’s University. Former Head Boy, Lorcan O’Brien, has gained an A* and 2 As and will read Philosophy and Theology at Oxford; the former Head Girl, Jolie Bediako, and Deputy Head Boy, Matthew Barrett, also both achieved an A* and 2 As; Lukasz Podgorski achieved 2 A*s and 2 As and will read Computer Science at Warwick, while Charles Ayson-Parrish was awarded 2 A*s and an A and will read Mathematics at Warwick.

Several academic departments at St Benedict’s have achieved particularly impressive results: A*-As were awarded to 86% of English Literature students, to 75% of Fine Art students, 58% in Mathematics, and 55% in Economics. In further good news, 76% of the Extended Project Qualification (EPQ) entries were awarded A*-A.

The Headmaster, Andrew Johnson, said: "I am delighted to be able to congratulate our sixth form students on achieving excellent A level results, thanks to their hard work and the dedicated guidance and support given by their teachers. There have been some stellar individual performances, and very many of our leavers are now heading to top Russell Group universities."

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