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Inspection Reports

View the latest inspection reports for St Benedict's School below.

Pupils’ exemplary behaviour and attitudes to learning are a key factor in the excellent progress they make. They are keen to do well and take on board the advice of their teachers to continually improve their work. (Diocesan Inspection May 2019)

Teaching is very strong throughout the school. Excellent pupil-teacher relationships and high teacher expectations foster an environment of mutual trust and respect where all pupils can be successful. (Diocesan Inspection May 2019)

Pupils demonstrate a real readiness to be of service to others through their many and varied acts of charity and compassion. They have a deep understanding of their responsibility to the Common Good. (Diocesan Inspection May 2019)

Pupils are religiously literate; they can articulate their knowledge and understanding in a relevant and purposeful manner. (Diocesan Inspection May 2019)

Key findings of our Independent Schools Inspectorate (ISI) inspection (APRIL 2017)

The Regulatory Compliance Inspection confirmed that all of the measures required for the safeguarding and protection of children are properly implemented at St Benedict’s School, and that the school complies fully with all of the regulations set by government for independent schools. 

The Educational Quality Inspection confirms and celebrates the many strengths of the school. It also recognises and affirms the steps we have been taking to make St Benedict’s even better, such as increased academic rigour, emphasis on active learning and closer scrutiny of data on individual pupils’ academic ability.

The quality of the pupils’ personal development is excellent.

ISI Inspection Report 2017

Academic - St Benedict's SchoolPupils throughout the school aspire to achieve the highest possible academic standards. This is in response to an increased focus by the senior leadership to improve achievement across all areas of learning. Pupils are responding well to recent demands for greater academic rigour and to the introduction of thorough procedures to track and monitor their progress.

ISI Inspection Report 2017

Pupils demonstrate strong moral and social development and enjoy working together for the good of the school, facilitated by a strong community and excellent pastoral care.

ISI Inspection Report 2017

Pupils’ spiritual development is excellent and they are knowledgeable about the importance of faith to themselves and others.

ISI Inspection Report 2017

Throughout the school, pupils achieve good and often excellent standards of co-curricular activities and pursuits which lead to some well-developed physical skills and excellent creative work.

ISI Inspection Report 2017

Senior pupils gain success in regional and national competitions in sport, including team success in rugby, cricket, athletics and hockey and individual success in a wide variety of pursuits, including sailing, fencing and gymnastics.

ISI Inspection Report 2017

Children’s progress in the EYFS is excellent from their starting points because progress is facilitated by thorough planning that focuses on their interests and aptitudes.

ISI Inspection Report 2017


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