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Our Junior Curriculum

From the very first steps in our Nursery to Year 6 at St Benedict's, we encourage children to be excited by their learning and to follow their natural curiosity. We want them to make connections, to ask questions and to cultivate a growth mindset, confident in their ability to make progress. Our aim is to enable every child to reach his or her potential.


Our vision and principles of good science:

We live in a world that is continually influenced by scientific discoveries and where technology forms an integral part of our everyday life.  At St Benedict’s Junior School, we have a passion for science and our teaching embeds our holistic approach, by making it accessible to all.  Our children are nurtured to be active learners, which will equip them with transferable life skills, as well as deepen their scientific understanding.  Whether it is in pursuit of a career, or being part of a global community, they will be prepared for whatever the future may hold.

The Creative Curriculum

Our Junior School Creative Curriculum topics facilitate cross-curricular learning, enabling children to make connections, explore topics such as the Tudors, Victorians, World War 2, coasts and ice-caps in a variety of ways and generally love learning.


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