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Old Priorians mentor L6 University Applicants

St Benedict's Year 12 students currently working on their UCAS applications are benefiting from the advice and insight of alumni currently at university, in a series of mentoring sessions.

St Benedict's Careers University Mentoring Sessions

This term, the Careers Department is running a series of mentoring sessions for the Lower 6th, who are starting to make their university applications. In addition to regular one-to-one discussions about courses, careers, personal statements and choice of university, invaluable insight and advice is also being given by Old Priorians (alumni) currently studying at university: via Microsoft Teams, OPs talk directly to Lower 6th students about their chosen courses and institutions, and answer questions.


English, History, Politics

Charlotte McCann: English Literature at Durham

Finlay Healy: History and Politics at Warwick

Imogen Rose Barrett Mogilany: History at Durham


Medical Sciences

Aspiring medics already attend Med Soc, run by Head of Chemistry, Mrs O’Connor – but not everyone interested in studying medical sciences wants to be a medic! The range of careers in medic-related areas, such as in vaccine development and medical engineering, are likely to expand post-Covid.

Vinciane Allicar: Biomedical Science at Brighton (speaking from Stockholm where she is studying this year)

Alex Curtis: Pharmaceutical Sciences at Nottingham

Jack Fitzmaurice: Medical Sciences at Exeter

St Benedict's Careers University Mentoring Sessions


Economics, Physics and Engineering

Ranaik Purewal: Economics and Politics at Manchester

Chris Moran: Economics with Industrial Experience at Exeter

Kristian Thomson: Economics with study abroad at Bristol

Isabelle Curtis: Engineering at Warwick

 Eddie Bannister: Physics at Nottingham

Will Adams: Engineering at Exeter

James Ayson Parrish: Mechanical Engineering at Cardiff


Psychology, Geography, Maths and Computer Science

(Students and universities TBC)





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