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Theatre in Lockdown

St Benedict's pupils enjoyed a ‘virtual’ theatre trip to see Frantic Assembly’s beautiful physical production of ‘Things I know to be True’ by Andrew Bovell, performed at the Lyric Theatre, Hammersmith.  Here are some comments by our audience. … 

Theatre trip
Eleanor Bowden as Lady Macbeth

“’Things I Know to be True’ was an incredible performance. The physical aspects of the production were particularly eye-catching, the movements conveying emotion depending on the qualities of the actions: faster and sharper for more aggressive moments, slower and curved for the sadder, gentle parts. The actors’ facial expressions and body language contributed to the generally dark atmosphere- the tears especially were upsetting for a viewer to see. By raising the volume of their voices, the actors further emphasised their rage with shouting to contrast the lower pitched, quieter monologues which tended to be very emotional. I was sobbing the whole time. Thank you for giving us the opportunity to see it - it was incredible."   (Eleanor Bowden L5)  

Theatre trip
Frantic Assembly workshop for A level drama students at St Benedict's

“I found this production utterly captivating and profoundly intense. The performance dwelled on a variety of themes such as the importance of family relationships and stability, the motif of trust (and loss of trust) and the power of the past to shape the future. The production touched me, emotionally, due to the fragmentation and splintering of the familial bond. The pathos of the parents deeply resonates within us as they invest their hopes in the next generation, but the children want to go down more unique pathways. The production’s ceaseless honesty about family relationships gives this play such substance and significance, making it so exceptional."   (Tori Dryden U5) 

Theatre trip
Tori Dryden (centre) in 'High Society'


“This production was extremely thought provoking and evocative. I was impressed by how captivating and effective the monologues were in expressing each sibling's truth. I think that the problem that occurred for each child is very topical, as it questioned women’s roles in our society, the need to be who you are no matter what the price is and the pressure on Men to be successful. This production touched me by making me feel every emotion that the family members felt, understanding all viewpoints, while still maintaining my own. This play was good because it had a linear structure of emotion, grief and pain that culminated at the end of the piece. Another reason is because we can all relate to it in one way or another whether it is through the characters, a broken family or a need for perfection and idealism”.   (Kaitlyn Moran U5) 

Theatre trip
Louis Clow in James Graham's 'Bassett'

“I thought this was an extremely moving and powerful play. There was a highly emotional aspect which certainly struck a few chords of mine. We all have someone we love, and for the character of the mother to die so tragically at the end of the piece touched me. What put emphasis on this emotional factor was the unfinished business the mother had with some of her children. Especially her son who she did not end on good terms with, making him feel a certain amount of resentment towards her. However, this resentment was suddenly diminished through her sudden death and I think that this was what made the emotional aspect so powerful in this play. Whatever problems or anger the children had towards their mother was quickly turned into an overwhelming feeling of unconditional love, of which they shared in unity as a grieving family."  (Louis Clow L6)  

Theatre trip
Frantic Assembly workshop at St Benedict's


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