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  • How pupils can benefit from meditation

    Published 04/02/20

    The candle is lit, the lights are dimmed. As another busy school day begins, pupils in year 7 close their eyes, focus on their breathing and let their thoughts drift away….

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  • School Open Days - what to look for

    Published 23/09/19

    Andrew Johnson, Headmaster of St Benedict’s, offers his advice on how to make the most of your school visit.

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  • Moving from junior to senior school

    Published 03/07/19

    The move to senior school is both exciting and unnerving in equal measure. With this in mind, pupils in Year 7 at St Benedict’s offer their advice for children about to join a new school, based on their own experience one year ago.

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  • We will remember them

    Published 09/11/18

    A new war memorial will be unveiled at St Benedict’s on November 11th. Shaun Hullis explains why remembrance is so important.

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  • A lesson in research and presentation skills

    Published 04/10/18

    Children can learn so much when they are given the chance to follow their natural curiosity and delve deeper into a topic of special interest to them, argues Clemency Stimpfig from St Benedict’s Junior School. Learning to research, think critically, communicate persuasively, build confidence and inspire others, are just some of the benefits.


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  • A passion for aviation

    Published 05/07/18

    The Junior School Headmaster at St Benedict's is a self-confessed 'aviation geek'. Here, Rob Simmons explains why he loves to look to the skies for inspiration.

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  • A History of St Benedict’s School Libraries and Robert ‘Mousey’ Thompson

    Published 02/07/18

    Miss Emma Wallace, Senior Librarian at St Benedict's, looks back over a century at the history of St Benedict's libraries.

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  • Fake News-Real Dangers

    Published 25/05/18

    Five ways to combat fake news, from St Benedict’s Director of ICT, who says it is our responsibility to challenge, research and triangulate information being presented to us.

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  • The importance of learning languages

    Published 01/05/18

    St Benedict’s Headmaster, Andrew Johnson makes the case for studying languages.

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