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  • Selfless commitment at Dunkirk: Dom Gervase Hobson Matthews

    Published 09/11/20

    Eighty years ago, a Benedictine monk and chaplain to the forces was killed as he stayed with the wounded at Dunkirk. A teacher at St Benedict’s for 10 years, Father Gervase volunteered as a military chaplain because so many of the boys he had taught had sacrificed everything to serve their country.

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  • We will remember them

    Published 09/11/18

    A new war memorial will be unveiled at St Benedict’s on November 11th. Shaun Hullis explains why remembrance is so important.

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  • A passion for aviation

    Published 05/07/18

    The Junior School Headmaster at St Benedict's is a self-confessed 'aviation geek'. Here, Rob Simmons explains why he loves to look to the skies for inspiration.

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  • A History of St Benedict’s School Libraries and Robert ‘Mousey’ Thompson

    Published 02/07/18

    Miss Emma Wallace, Senior Librarian at St Benedict's, looks back over a century at the history of St Benedict's libraries.

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  • Careers advice for younger pupils

    Published 29/06/18

    On the basis you can never start too young, St Benedict’s School held its first ever Careers Networking Tea for pupils in Years 7 and 8, who met 30 professionals from a range of careers. Sally Hopgood, Head of Careers, explains the thinking behind the event.

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