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  • What is the most important opportunity that the current crisis presents?

    Published 22/04/20

    The first online, 'Thinking Forum' discussion this term asked St Benedict's students for their comments and views on the current situation, as we continue to live our lives indoors, in isolation from each other and school life. Here are some of their responses.

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  • Spring

    Published 18/03/20

    Whatever else may be happening, life on the farm goes on, as Tom Curtis (Year 12) discovered when he spent two weeks on the lambing night shift - delivering lambs, helping the vet, and seeing starlight in all its glory.

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  • The Importance of Reading ​​​​​​​​​​​​​​

    Published 17/03/20

    St Benedict’s Librarian, Emma Wallace, outlines the many ways in which St Benedict’s inspires and encourages pupils to enjoy reading.

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  • How pupils can benefit from meditation

    Published 04/02/20

    The candle is lit, the lights are dimmed. As another busy school day begins, pupils in year 7 close their eyes, focus on their breathing and let their thoughts drift away….

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  • The value of Mentoring

    Published 10/10/19

    Peer mentoring at St Benedict’s has gone from strength to strength in recent years, helping to support pupils' wellbeing and mental health.

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  • Why study German?

    Published 25/09/19

    Evan, an A level linguist at St Benedict’s, explains why he is captivated by the German language and culture.

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  • School Open Days - what to look for

    Published 23/09/19

    Andrew Johnson, Headmaster of St Benedict’s, offers his advice on how to make the most of your school visit.

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  • Moving from junior to senior school

    Published 03/07/19

    The move to senior school is both exciting and unnerving in equal measure. With this in mind, pupils in Year 7 at St Benedict’s offer their advice for children about to join a new school, based on their own experience one year ago.

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  • An introduction to Philosophy

    Published 12/11/18

    What is nothing? What is meant by duty? Are animals different from humans? What is ownership? St Benedict’s pupils are learning to think more clearly, more deeply, and to explain and justify their views. 

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