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  • Fake News-Real Dangers

    Published 25/05/18

    Five ways to combat fake news, from St Benedict’s Director of ICT, who says it is our responsibility to challenge, research and triangulate information being presented to us.

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  • The importance of learning languages

    Published 01/05/18

    St Benedict’s Headmaster, Andrew Johnson makes the case for studying languages.

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  • Gap Years - a gap or a bridge?

    Published 22/03/18

    Is taking a gap year a good idea? Only if it's a bridge to something else, say the St Benedict's Careers Department...


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  • Tips for A Level Revision

    Published 22/03/18

    St Benedict's Headmaster, Andrew Johnson, gives his advice on how best to revise for A level exams.

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  • What it's like to work at Spotify

    Published 30/01/18

    What’s it like to work at a company that wants to change how the world listens to music? Four lucky pupils were treated to a tour of the Spotify London office to find out.


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  • No Fee Degrees: Alternative Pathways

    Published 29/01/18

    Kathryn Norris, from St Benedict’s School, Ealing in west London, talks about increasingly popular alternatives to university education.

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  • The F-Word Society - What is Feminism?

    Published 10/01/18

    Zoe Crown (Year 11) outlines her reasons for founding the new F-Word Society at St Benedict’s, and what she hopes it will achieve.

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  • Town or country? From Lancashire to London

    Published 08/01/18

    Andrew Johnson became Headmaster of St Benedict’s in September 2016. Here are his thoughts about the move to London from rural Stonyhurst College.

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