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  • Our Academic Scholars - spotlight on Ned

    Published 20/11/23

    As one of our Academic Scholars, we asked Upper Sixth Former and Head Boy Ned, who has been a student at St Benedict's since the age of 3, to describe the opportunities that an academic scholarship has provided him with, giving him the motivation to pursue his academic interests further.

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  • Why is chemistry important?

    Published 21/06/23

    Why is chemistry so integral to our lives? Everything we see is an application of chemistry, argues Benjy (Yr12), who won the Peterhouse Kelvin Science Essay Competition with this essay.

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  • The Future of Green Politics: Baroness Bennett of Manor Castle

    Published 06/07/22

    St Benedict's students had the opportunity to interview and question former Leader of the Green Party Natalie Bennett when she gave a talk on 'The Future of the Green Party' in May. Here is a transcript of their questions and Baroness Bennett's responses.

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  • Book Club interview with author Anthony McGowan

    Published 10/02/22

    Author Anthony McGowan kindly offered to speak to our Year 10 Book Club about one of his books they had been reading together, following his popular visit to St Benedict’s during Book Week in November. 

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  • Co-Education at St Benedict’s

    Published 09/07/21

    Throughout my academic life, I have attended co-ed schools. It is a system that I whole heartedly believe in, and now, 5 years on from when I joined Bennies, as I prepare to leave secondary education, I have come to appreciate the profound benefits that I experienced from attending a school which welcomes all. Co-education fosters respect between peers of any gender and ultimately represents a more modern workplace. Co-education in a sense, therefore, represents a transition into a more realistic and equal society – one where men, women, or however individuals choose to identify themselves, can work in harmony together. Through shaping individuals in their formative years to be accepting of a more diverse workforce, in turn, we mould a better society for our children and future generations.

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  • PSHE at St Benedict's: supporting self- esteem and postive relationships

    Published 26/04/21

    How can we help children to form positive healthy relationships, rooted in respect for themselves and for others? St Benedict’s Headmaster, Andrew Johnson, talks to the Head of PSHE and School Counsellor, Andrea Loaiza-Palacio about how to support pupils’ personal happiness, safety and wellbeing, helping them to withstand some of the negative pressures they are exposed to – in school, out of school, and online.

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  • Dangerous Books

    Published 24/03/21

    To mark World Book Day, St Benedict’s Librarian Emma Wallace talked about books which have been banned, for social, cultural, religious and political reasons over the centuries, such as Lewis Carroll’s ‘Alice in Wonderland’, the Harry Potter series, William Golding’s Lord of the Flies and Orwell’s Animal Farm.

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  • A Myth For Our Time

    Published 25/02/21

    Congratulations to Georgia (Year 7), who has won First Prize in the latest Helikon Centre Writing Competition - A Myth For Our Time.

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  • Should Covid-19 vaccination be compulsory?

    Published 27/01/21

    St Benedict’s students have been considering the pros and cons of making vaccination mandatory in the fight against Covid-19, as part of the latest online ‘Thinking Forum’.

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