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St Benedict's University Destinations 2019

This year, 81% of St Benedict's Sixth Form leavers gained places at their first choice university, and 69% are off to top Russell Group universities. Congratulations to all! 

  • 81% of all students gained places at their first choice university
  • 69% received offers from Russell Group universities (up from 53% last year)
  • 5 Oxbridge places this year: 3 at Oxford and 2 at Cambridge
  • 22 students accepted unconditional offers, from prestigious Russell Group universities (including Birmingham, Liverpool, Nottingham, Bristol and Manchester) and well regarded non-RG universities, such as Reading
  • 3 students have accepted offers from universities overseas: 2 in Canada and 1 in USA

(A full list of university destinations can be found below.)

This year has seen a very strong showing of offers and places across Exeter, Leeds, Nottingham and Bristol, with more interest in studying joint subjects, combining Languages with Business, and Economics with Geography, for example.

In the meantime, universities are continuing to expand courses which include a practical application and which are run in partnership with major employers: eg Exeter's new finance degree with JP Morgan, and a similar new engineering programme via EDF.

Students are given lots of support with their course choices and applications by the Careers Department throughout the sixth form years. There are one-to-one higher education interviews, a whole year group visit to the UCAS Higher Education fair at the University of Surrey, and information evenings on the application process. Regular careers talks are given, often by parents and alumni from many different professions and pathways. There is also guidance in ‘How to make your CV stand out, and how to shine at interviews.

The St Benedict’s Careers Fair takes place every other year and is our largest event, with almost 160 representatives from over 120 organisations, attended by over 800 children and parents.

Information is also given on alternative pathways, such as degree apprenticeships and workplace-based higher education, and on the advantages of applying to universities overseas.

Finally, all students have access to work experience opportunities, with paid and unpaid work experience contracts publicised on the St Benedict’s Connect platform. 

Wherever they're going this autumn, we wish all our St Benedict's Sixth Form leavers all the very best as they begin this exciting new phase in their lives!

St Benedict's Sixth Form University Destinations


St Benedict's Sixth Form University Destinations

St Benedict's Sixth Form University Destinations

university destinations 2019

Destination Course 
Aston Business and Management
Bangor Marine Biology
Birmingham Geography
Birmingham International Business with Language (4 years)
Bristol History
Bristol Mechanical Engineering
Bristol Marketing
Bristol Music and Spanish
Bristol Economics and Econometrics
Bristol Economics
Bristol University Of West England Business and Events Management
Bristol University Of West England Business and Management
Bristol University Of West England Business Management and Economics
Bristol University Of West England Business and Management
Brunel Engineering with an Integrated Foundation Year
Camberwell Art Foundation
Cambridge Chemical Engineering (via Natural Sciences)
Cambridge Natural Sciences
Canada - Uni Of Guelph American Studies
Canada - University Of Ontario Business Management
Cardiff Mechanical Engineering
Cardiff Biomedical Science (Including Preliminary Year)
Durham Geography
Edinburgh Veterinary Medicine
Edinburgh Architecture
Exeter History
Exeter Marine Biology
Exeter History
Exeter History and International Relations
Exeter Engineering
Exeter Economics and Finance
Exeter Biological Sciences with Professional Placement
Exeter History
Exeter History
Exeter Geography with European Study
Exeter Biological Sciences
Exeter Business
Exeter Law with Business
Imperial Computing
Kent Politics and International Relations
Leeds Languages, Cultures and English
Leeds Geography
Leeds Business Management
Leeds Languages, Cultures and Business
Leeds Languages, Cultures and Business
Leeds Business Management
Leeds Economics and Geography
Leeds Sport and Exercise Sciences
Leeds Environment and Business
Leicester European Studies
Liverpool Business Economics
Liverpool Geography (Science)
Liverpool Criminology
Liverpool Bioveterinary Science
Liverpool Geography (Science)
Loughborough Art Foundation
Manchester Philosophy and Politics
Manchester Finance
Manchester Psychology
Manchester Biosciences with a Foundation Year
Manchester Pharmacy
Manchester Metropolitan International Business Management (with Placement)
Newcastle Combined Honours
Newcastle Film Practices
Nottingham Sociology
Nottingham Politics and International Relations
Nottingham Biochemistry and Genetics
Nottingham Physics (4 years)
Nottingham English
Nottingham Theology and Religious Studies
Nottingham Politics and Economics
Nottingham Politics and American Studies
Nottingham Criminology and Social Policy
Nottingham College Business Management (Information Systems)
Nottingham Trent Business Management and Entrepreneurship
Nottingham Trent Building Surveying
Nottingham Trent Psychology with Criminology
Nottingham Trent Fashion Communication and Promotion
Oxford Mathematics
Oxford Classical Archaeology and Ancient History
Oxford Brookes Business and Finance
Portsmouth Science with Foundation Year
Portsmouth Biomedical Science
Reading Geography and Economics (Regional Science)
Roehampton Psychology and Counselling
Royal Holloway Business and Management
Royal Holloway Law with International Relations
Royal Holloway Computer Science
Salford Music: Creative Music Technology
St George’s University of London Medicine
St George’s University of London Clinical Pharmacology
Sussex Philosophy
Sussex Geography
Sussex Economics and Management Studies
Swansea Physics
UCL Chemistry
UCL Geology
University Of East Anglia English Literature and Drama
USA - Uni Of Transylvania Economics 
Warwick Liberal Arts
Warwick Mathematics
Warwick English Literature
Worcester Biomedical Science (with Foundation Year)
York Computer Science
York Social and Political Sciences
York Philosophy