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Sports Scholarship Form - Sixth Form

Sports Scholarship Application for Sixth Form entry September 2022

Sports Scholarships are open to both internal and external applicants.

External pupils who wish to be considered for a Sports Scholarship must submit this form by Friday, 5 November 2021. Scholarship applications will only be considered if the applicant has also registered for a place at the school. If you have not already registered, registration forms may be completed via the following link:

Internal pupils who wish to be considered for a Sports Scholarship must submit this form by Friday, 5 November 2021. Nothing further is required.

Sixth Form Sports Scholarship trials will be held on Wednesday, 17 November 2021.

As a guide in deciding whether or not to apply, successful Sixth Form applicants will perform at County level or better in one of St Benedict’s sports:
- Boys: rugby, fencing, athletics or cricket.
- Girls: hockey, netball, athletics or tennis.


Applicants will be assessed on the evidence of their current performance and their future potential and will have a short interview with the Director of the relevant sport. At 16 plus applicants must demonstrate an elite level of performance for their age category.

Please select the sports that candidate wishes to be assessed in. All Sixth Form candidates must select a primary sport, but also a secondary sport that they will play in the relevant term(s), i.e. One sport for Michaelmas & Lent Term, as well as a Trinity Term option. Candidates will only be assessed in their primary sport.

Boys Sports - Primary (Select sport for assessment)
Boys Sports - Secondary (Sport will not be assessed)
Girls Sports - Primary (Select sport for assessment)
Select one of the following

Further information in support of the candidate’s sports scholarship application (this information will be used in an interview with the Director of Sport on the assessment day:

Please provide a minimum of two referees who will each be contacted by the sports department for further information regarding the candidate’s suitability as a sports scholar:

Following receipt of this application form, the Sports Department will collate the information provided and seek references directly from the referees provided. Applicants will be contacted to confirm trial details or, alternatively, to advise if the applicant has not been selected for the trials.

The award of a Sports Scholarship will be confirmed with offer letters for a place at the School. These are posted on 10th February 2022, a date set by the North London Consortium of which St Benedict’s is a part.

Contact Details: