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Academic Scholarship Application - Sixth Form

Sixth Form Academic Scholarship Application for entry September 2023

External pupils who wish to be considered for a Sixth Form Academic Scholarship must submit this form by Friday, 4 November 2022. Scholarship applications will only be considered if the applicant has also registered to join the School.

If you have not already registered, registration forms may be completed via the following link:

The Scholarship examinations will be held on Thursday, 17 November 2022.

As a guide in deciding whether or not to apply, it is likely that successful applicants will be predicted to achieve a minimum of six grade 8’s at GCSE including, where appropriate, those subjects they intend to study at A level.


Following receipt of this application form, the Examinations Office will contact applicants to confirm examination details.

Papers are set and marked by Heads of Department. They are designed to allow applicants to demonstrate their potential for outstanding achievement at A level. Papers will challenge applicants to ‘think outside the box’ or to look at an issue from a different viewpoint.

In most subjects, papers are unlikely to include questions in the format used in GCSE examination papers.

Please note that if an applicant is not successful this does not affect the selection process in deciding to make a conditional offer for entry to the Sixth Form.


Applicants will sit three papers, two subject papers and a General paper. The General paper will consist of one essay question chosen form a wide range of topics. Please indicate below which two A level subjects you wish to be examined on:

Brief description of Sixth Form Scholarship Examinations by Subject
Each examination will last 50 minutes

A fifteen-minute interview based on the student’s portfolio.
The portfolio should consist of work completed outside school to show commitment and enthusiasm for the subject.

Written Biology examination including a mix of shorter question and essay style questions

Written chemistry exam:
Section A includes short questions
Section B answer two longer style questions

This paper will take the form of one question from a choice of two, broken into three sub-questions testing AO1, AO2 and AO3 skills respectively. There will also be an essay from a choice of two titles. Questions must be chosen from one of three sections: Athens, Sparta, or Ovid's Metamorphoses. External candidates who have not studied these options at GCSE should give advance notice of which topics they are covering so that appropriate questions can be set.

A written Computer Science exam or for non-GCSE Computing candidates a mathematics paper

Perform a monologue & complete a written theatre response question
Further information sheet available on request

Must sit a Maths scholarship paper

English Literature examination: respond critically and analytically to an unseen poem

Written exam – a single open ended essay question

Two short, source based questions and a 30 minute essay

Comprehension, translation and grammar questions based on a Latin passage slightly above an OCR GCSE A402 Higher Tier paper
Knowledge of the entire OCR GCSE A402 Higher Tier Vocabulary List will be assumed

Written paper – Calculators are allowed

(French, German or Spanish)

For all three languages, some short grammar-based questions and an extended piece of descriptive writing in the target language.

The assessment will consist of all or some of the following:
Written paper – Listening and Appraising
Play two prepared and contrasting pieces on the main instrument and one piece on a second instrument (or voice)
Read at sight a short piece of appropriate standard on the main instrument
General discussion with the Director of Music about music and its context

There will be three questions; these are long-answer questions allowing students to demonstrate in-depth knowledge and understanding. Physiology will be examined, analysing how body systems affect exercise.
The contribution diet plays will also be feature.

A mix of multiple choice and short answer questions, some involving calculations
Calculators are required

Must sit a History scholarship paper

Must sit a Biology scholarship paper

Written, essay based paper for Religious Studies

The Sociology scholarship exam consists of six questions in total:
Five of these will require fairly succinct answers which should indicate sound knowledge and understanding of elements of contemporary society. The final question will be an essay. This will test the students’ abilities to apply existing knowledge and understanding to an issue of importance in contemporary society and, especially, to analyse and evaluate.

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