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The history department offers a choice of modern or medieval and early modern courses. Each provides a range of fascinating topics from both British and World History, from the French Revolution to the Vietnam War, from the Norman Conquest to the Crusades. The skills that the study of history offers – diligent research, the analysis and evaluation of evidence and interpretations, the construction, sale and defence of arguments – are skills which will serve students well wherever life and career takes them. Law, business, the city, politics, journalism, international relations, government and economics are all traditional paths for those who have studied history, but the skills and knowledge gained support all careers, and an active engagement in society.


A level

We offer both Modern and Medieval History at A level. For the Medieval History course, we study the Normans, the Crusades, and the Tudors; for the Modern History course students learn about early industrial England from Pitt to Peel, Russian history under the Tsars and the Communists, and the Cold War in Asia from 1945 to 1993. Students are given the freedom to write coursework on a topic of their choice.