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English Literature

A level English Literature is the study of how different writers have explored the question of what it is to be human. All literary texts raise questions that revolve around who we are, what our purpose is and how we relate to others. Studying English Literature enables you to explore these questions in a deeper, more incisive way.

Why should I study A level English Literature?
Studying A level English Literature will help you develop skills of:

  • reading a range of prose, poetry and
  • drama texts
  • analysing how writers seek to have an influence on their audience through their use of language and specific stylistic features,
  • such as rhyme and rhythm in poetry
  • writing analytical, relevant and convincing essays
  • exploring how texts are influenced by the context of when they were written and when they are being read

What can the course lead to?

  • a degree in English Literature
  • strong preparation for a degree in subjects like Law and History
  • a career in journalism, and many other careers where strong reading and writing skills are essential