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Geography students are multi-skilled practitioners who pride themselves on their wide-ranging knowledge and abilities. As a Geography student you will be expected to dip into a variety of different spheres. The topics you study range all the way from traditional Physical landscapes and ecosystems evaluating the concept of Sovereignty and the Nation State, debating contemporary issues such as new Cultural Geography and the concept of Place, and on to the utilisation of Mathematical, Statistical, Graphical and Cartographical techniques. A true Geographer appreciates the interlinked nature of the world around him or her, and the unique ability we have to analyse and interpret these relationships.

Fieldwork will be an integral part of your A-level course as it provides the opportunity to view the themes we study in real life and helps build a number of your key skills. All students will undertake four days fieldwork which is mostly covered in a single residential course as well as there being potential for London based trips within the two years.

A level

At A level there are 2 papers and an individual investigation. Physical Geography (40% ) studies Water and carbon cycles, Coastal systems and landscapes, and Ecosystems under stress. Human Geography (40%) looks at Global systems and global governance, Changing places, and Contemporary urban environments. A 3,000 word fieldwork investigation (20%) challenges students to branch out into new areas of study, including use of GIS and remotely sensed data. These are skills that universities and employers highly value and students use cutting edge techniques to make this project their own.