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Covid-19: Safety at the Summer Club

Contactless sign in/out

Our Club Director or Co-ordinator will sign children in and out on the parents’ behalf and will be wearing masks when appropriate. Where additional forms are required to be filled in, parents will be asked to use the hand sanitiser provided on our front desk. All parents dropping off will be respectfully asked to wear a mask when coming indoors.

Maintaining space

A lot of our activities take place outside. When inside, we will try to minimise close contact between different age groups as much as possible and have staggered break and lunch times. Different age groups will be allocated staff members who stay with them throughout the day.

Good hygiene

Across the Club we will practice good hygiene including regular hand washing and the ‘catch it, bin it, kill it’ approach. The Club Director and/or Co-ordinator will be responsible for responding to any illness during the Club.

Enhanced cleaning

St Benedict’s has an in-house cleaning team who have been fully trained in enhanced cleaning to ensure all areas are Covid safe. Club staff will take care to regularly wipe down and disinfect surfaces and touch points and will provide hand sanitiser for children throughout the day.

If your child is unwell

Children, adults and staff should not attend the Club if experiencing any symptoms of Covid-19. They must not attend until all symptoms have passed and they feel well and/or they have had a negative test result.

If a child is unwell and cannot attend days that have been paid for, we can offer to move their days to a later date if possible. Please contact the Club Co-ordinator to make arrangements.

Any child who becomes ill with symptoms of Covid-19 during their time at the Club will be taken to sick bay and isolated away from other children. Their temperature will be checked and their parent/guardian will be called to come and collect them immediately. If the child becomes seriously ill, we will call 999. The sick bay will then be fully sanitised and cleaned after each use. If a member of staff has suspected symptoms of Covid-19, they will be sent home and must follow the Government guidance for households with possible Covid-19 infection. This includes self- isolation and taking a Covid-19 test.

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The Club will continue to operate as normal, unless or until advised otherwise by the local Health Protection Team, but parents/guardians and staff will be informed, especially those in high risk groups.