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Admission - Senior School

11+ Entry

All children must register and sit the School’s 11+ entrance examination. Some children who sit the entrance examination will be invited to interview. The interview will be an integral part of the assessment as will a reference from the boy’s or girl’s primary, junior or preparatory school. The interview will be conducted by the Headmaster or a Deputy Head and will last approximately 10 minutes. Its purpose is to provide a friendly atmosphere in which the candidate will have the chance to give an indication of his or her interests and abilities. It will also enable the interviewer to look further into the candidate’s performance in the entrance examination and to ascertain what contribution he or she might make to the general life of the School. The Headmaster will finalise the list of candidates who will be eligible for further consideration for admission.

Entry to Year 7 (11+)

Age on 1 September 2018

11.0 – 11.11

Number of places available


Closing Date for Registration

Friday, 24 November 2017

Date of Entrance Examination

Friday, 5 January 2018






Mathematics (1 hour)

English Composition & Use of English (1 hour)

Verbal Reasoning Test (45 minutes)

Non-Verbal Reasoning Test (45 minutes)

Interview dates

Late January – Early February

Results posted (via first class mail)

Friday, 9 February 2018

Transfer to the Senior School at 11+ is subject to the principles set out above and to a pupil making satisfactory progress. It is for the School to deem whether progress is satisfactory or not. The parents of children who are not being offered a place in the Senior School will be informed in Form 1 (Year 5).

Entry to Years 8 (12+), 9 (13+) and 10 (13+)


Year 8 (12+)

Year 9 (13+)

Year 10 (14+)

Age on 1 September 2018

12.0 – 12.11

13.0 – 13.11

14.0 – 14.11

Number of places available

strictly limited – places subject to availability


by arrangement

Friday, 5 January 2018

by arrangement


by arrangement

School Reference

a reference will be requested from the pupil’s current Head Teacher

Note: Pupils joining the school in Years 8 or 9 may have no background in a particular subject, such as a specific modern foreign language. Normally such pupils will be expected to join a class in the relevant subject and so be offered an opportunity to access the subject prior to the commencement of GCSE courses. In the case of pupils joining Year 9 (and subject to availability of resources) this class may be specifically designed for beginners in the subject. This class would follow an accelerated course aimed at allowing potential progression to GCSE at the beginning of Year 10. Where resources do not permit this, pupils will join one of the established classes in the subject and their progress will be reviewed after a reasonable period of time (generally at least one term).