Learning Gateway
Learning Gateway
As part of our development towards web technologies and commitment to the environment and reducing paper usage, you will find SLG will become a key tool in sharing information between parents and school. The SLG Portal gives you access to letters (recent and historical) as well as up to the minute information about your child(ren) at the School. 

By using the My Children link, you can see up to the minute attendance details and what lesson they are in right now. You can also, via the Dashboard and the Reports links to the left of the screen see key information and download reports and information about your child’s progress.

Over the coming year, we will be adding more content to the Learning Gateway and giving you much more control over the way in which you can see information about your child's progress.

*Please note that SLG is NOT available natively on mobile phones. You may access it via your browser, however, we recommend for a good user experience, that a device larger than iPad Mini/Kindle or Laptop/Desktop is used. An app is being developed by Capita for release in 2017.

If you have forgotten your password, please contact the Junior or Senior school reception or email ihelpdesk@stbenedicts.org.uk for support. (helpdesk open during school hours).
Some devices may try to add a domain to your login credentials while using Internet Explorer or Edge. Please ensure that your domain is set correctly by using admin\ before your username. 
Please note that we can only support with password resets and cannot support with issues relating to updating or maintaining your personal devices.